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4 Superhero Video Games We Would Love To See

In the crazy world of cinematic and TV superheroes, most of us are now so used to, the one category that gets less attention than the others is video games.

In a world of endless possibilities, we go through just 4 games based on heroes that we would absolutely love to see happen. We know some of these are farfetched and likely to never happen. However, one can hope? Right?

1. Iron Man

Iron Man actually had a game release on the previous-gen consoles back in 2008. From what I remember, I actually pretty enjoyed this game. More importantly, imagine that game being released today with the current engines and graphics?! Oh, sweet Jesus.

Not to mention, Iron Man is one of the most popular superheroes ever currently because of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If there’s one hero that deserves a standalone game, it’s him. Plus, with the new Avengers game coming out, it could work from that.

3 things we would want;


1. Customisation options. Imagine being able to customise Iron Man’s suit to your hearts content? Plus what weapons would work on each mission etc.

2. A tie in to other Avengers. Spider-Man PS4 breifly touched on this with the Avengers tower, and more in the game, but imagine actually meeting with other heroes? Including the PS4 version of Spider-Man.

3. Open world. Surely a given? I know with the current upcoming Avengers game it’s unlikely we will get to fly around with Iron Man with no interruptions, but this would be incredible. You can do in the LEGO games, so why not?

Genre? I would put this down to an open-world action type game. Similar to how the Spider-Man game is.

2. Suicide Squad

I’ve been thinking about this for the past week, ever since the Ayer Cut began to be heavily talked about. I thought about what type of game Suicide Squad would be and just how you could do it.

The Suicide Squad has become much more popular since the movie released and Margot Robbie did an incredible job portraying Harley Quinn. They could add it to the Arkham universe.

3 Things we would want;


1. Have the premise of the game be where you create your own villain who joins the squad, yes it’s not part of the actual universe but this could make the game work, you create a villain and work with Harley Quinn, Deadshot on missions, etc.

2. Being a part of a connected universe, let’s say the Arkham games. It would give us something different other than purely Batman games to enjoy.

3. Slightly open-world/slightly level based, a bit like the Hitman games, where you’re dropped into a level and free to do the mission however you want. It would make the game slightly different and I personally think it would be great.

Genre? Open-world action adventure.

3. RoboCop

RoboCop is still incredibly popular today, and even more so when he was announced as a playable character. This got me thinking just how great an up to date game would be with Alex Murphy as the main character you control. The possibilities are endless.

The story behind Murphy is interesting enough as it is, those who have seen the movies will know this. I know this one would be a risk for any developer looking to take it on, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be absolutely incredible.

3 Things we would want;

1. Start the game as Murphy instead of jumping straight into the machine. Do specific missions around his work as a standard police officer, all the way up until the ultimate demise of Alex.

2. Customisation would be welcomed, but upgrades would be a better addition. You start off in the standard suit after you become RoboCop, after certain missions, you level up to unlock the upgrades.

3. An LA Noire type game would be perfect for this. I know people would think there isn’t much more than just RoboCop shooting criminals, but the detective element of this could prove to be perfect here.

Genre? Action-adventure.

4. Justice League

Now if you played Playstation 2 you would know Justice League had a game back in the day titled “Justice League Heroes”, had all our favourite characters like The Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman among others.

The game was essentially a look down game where you chose 2 characters to play as on a level. Hit and dash type of game. While for it’s time it was good, it wasn’t great. I think on the current-gen consoles and the next-gen consoles, it’s about time we get a remade game for the league.

3 Things we would want;

01. Character selection; like the great Injustice games, give us an option to choose who we want to play as for a level or more. There are so many league members who we could use.

02. Strategy; Mixed in with the character selection, make us choose wisely, where other heroes could be better suited for a certain level or you could just use your favourite hero and the level would be a little bit harder.

3. A good story; Don’t just throw us into the game and say “here, fight these bad guys”. Give us an in-depth story, something meaningful, and inspired by a comic story.

Genre? Action-Adventure/Strategy would be perfect.

What superhero games would you see love to see? Let us know down in the comments below.

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