9 Things We Would Love To See In The Justice League Snyder Cut

For years now, there has been a collective storm of fans, and even celebrities calling for DC, and WB to release Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League.

Rumours floated around the movie had a lot more than Joss Whedon’s watered down, flop of the movie. So, of course, fans wanted this. It’s the Justice League. It was supposed to be the crossover that went toe to toe with the Avengers, but it just couldn’t.

We’re now hopeful the movie lives up to the hype going forward, and DC/WB realise the potential they truly have on their hands here, and really get back to work.

Here’s what we want to see, and it’s no particular order;

1. Darkseid

When I went to see the original Justice League, I said I can’t wait to see a tease from Darkseid, and it wasn’t there, I couldn’t understand it. The MCU was teasing Thanos for years. Darkseid is DC’s ultimate villain, similar to Thanos and Marvel, so this never made sense.


Rumours circulated Darkseid was part of the movie back when, which was one of the prompts for the Snyder cut to be released. Who wouldn’t love to see him, even just a small tease to know he’s there – and most of all, he’s coming.

Recently, after the news of the announcement dropped. A Tweet came from Ray Porter, who claims he played Darkseid in the Zack Snyder edition of the movie. You can see the Tweet here;

2. Ray Fisher’s Expanded Cyborg Story

Even though we got a semi-decent story in Whedon’s Justice League for Cyborg. The story we would of got in Snyder’s version was so much more expanded.

We got to see him play football, we got to see him become Cyborg and his accident. We would of got to see more emotion, more presence from Cyborg.

Along with Cyborg, we would have seen more of his father, We would of got introduced to Ryan Choi AKA The Atom. This is one of the bigger stories Whedon ultimately cut down so much that for what we did get was a rushed backstory and a character who seemingly came from nowhere.

3. Green Lanterns And Amazonians Extended Scenes

We got an incredibly brief scene with the Green Lanterns fighting side by side with the Amazonians against Steppenwolf and his army. However, you only very briefly get to see this shot including the Lanterns fighting.

The Green Lanterns has been sought after ever since Ryan Reynold’s version of the character, and it makes sense. The Lanterns are a prominent part of the DC Universe, so I believe an extended scene here will really hype up the future for this.


I know we may not have got a casting for Hal or John. However, even a conversation with the Lanterns about Earth could easily tease that it’s about to happen in the DCEU. I just want this scene to be extended, even for another 45 seconds or so. You can sense the fight looks amazing, so it would be fantastic to see it.

4. Superman’s Resurrection

Again, something Whedon changed was the way the movie opened up, we shouldn’t have got that cell phone footage of Superman and his CGI chin. This was all Whedon’s idea.

When Superman returned in the movie, I hope we see the way he comes back in a different way, maybe a black suit as we know that’s a big part of Snyder’s vision.

We should of seen Superman go to the Batcave and meet Alfred. This is what we got teased within the trailers and I was 100% let down when I saw this was cut from the movie.

5. Deathstroke

The end credits scene showed us a tease of Deathstroke after he lands at Lex Luthor’s yacht. Joe Manganiello played the character, for what seems like 30 seconds worth of screentime. We have heard nothing since the movie either.

From my understanding, Joe had more screen time during the Snyder cut, which would make sense for the character development going forward. All I want more than anything is a brief confrontation between Batman and Deathstroke.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the suit?! I mean, this is a screenshot directly from the movie itself. It’s been 3 years. I guess I am a little biased to the character as he’s my all-time favourite DC villain.

6. Time Travel

In the movie we got to see a future where Superman was evil and Darkseid was a big issue, with the world in chaos, Batman was a resistance fighter then we see present-day Bruce gets visited by a future Flash who tells Bruce “she is the key, find her” in regards to Lois saving Superman.

But in Snyder’s version, this has been expanded. We hope to see more of the future created by Darkseid. Originally Justice League was meant to be a 2 part series, a bit like Infinity War and Endgame.

So if they do show us 2 movies in one big 4-hour movie, could we see more time travel involving the Flash? I mean it would make sense since we have that scene in the movie already, we could just get it expanded on much more.

7. Iris West

One of the many problems with the original Justice League movie was the lack of backstory to the characters, or really, any form of development. Whilst Barry Allen did get a lot more than the other characters, Iris was missing, and I don’t even believe she was mentioned.

Barry went to see his father in prison, but nothing to do with Iris. We do know an actor was cast as Iris, but the scene she was in unfortunately somehow ended up in the deleted scenes.

This helps not only the movie but for The Flash movie planned. For those who have never read the comics, or watched the CW’s show, this would have been better to add it to further fuel fans understanding of who Barry Allen really is, and Iris.

8. The Flash’s Confidence

Throughout the Whedon cut we saw an openly shy version of Barry Allen, he keeps to himself and just wants friends which is why he’s so quick to join Bruce Wayne.

Even when he first meets Bruce this scene was changed to be more comedic and not serious like Snyder’s version. I hope we get to see a more confident Barry.

And I pray that the scene Whedon forced where Barry “falls” onto Wonder Woman’s boobs is cut. It was an unnecessary scene which was forced in a Gal Gadot even refused to do the scene so Whedon forced a stunt double to do the scene.

9. Martian Manhunter

One of the prominent members also teased for the Snyder cut, and one I actually would love to see, even if it’s not full-blown and he’s just in his human form.

This would also set a precedent of where the DCEU is planning to go to and I’m more than happy with that.

Even on just a cameo basis more than anything, I mean, theoretically, you could have had the Manhunter for the after credit scenes instead of Deathstroke if he’s to be part of the movie anyway.

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