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Agents of SHIELD “Out of the Past” Review

Season 7 Episode 4 “Agent Phil Coulson comes to a realization about the importance of July 22, 1955, in the S.H.I.E.L.D. history books.”

What I Liked?

1. The episode starts off with a flashback scene to a rainy night on July 22nd, 1955, the night Daniel Sousa died. We get to see him in a hotel being followed quickly followed by a gunshot and Sousa falling into the swimming pool dead. Coulson narrates this very similar to a crime show set in those times. A decent introduction to an episode to be honest.

2. Coulson and Sousa agree to work together when Coulson informs Sousa that he’s Howard Starks’s contact since Coulson knows the history of Daniel Sousa. They head to a train in which their plan is to meet Deke and Yo-Yo but things don’t work out as Deke gets kidnapped by a mystery man.

3. After a failed assassination attempt on Sousa’s life on the train, the agents of SHIELD agree to bring Sousa back to the plane where they inform him of a few things but not everything.

4. The team finds out who Sousa’s boss is and it’s the same person who kidnapped Deke, Frankie from 1931, the kid who grows up to become the head of Hydra, Wilfred Malick. He’s also the one who had Sousa killed.


5. We finally find out why May has been feeling all these emotions and having panic attacks. It’s because whatever happened in that other world, it gives her powers to be able to feel other people’s emotions.

6. After Coulson wakes up from the pool, he’s back on the plane getting checked over, we come to find out why it’s been black and white all episode and why Coulson has been narrating the episode, it’s because of the EMP device the last episode. Coulson also wakes up Sousa who has traveled with the team to a different time. He fills him in on the history of not only himself but SHIELD as a whole.

7. A chronicom has stayed behind in 1955 while the rest has time traveled, He’s gone and spoke to Malick about helping him stop SHIELD from destroying everything he has built and will build in the future. An interesting twist in history with this scene.

What I Disliked?

1. While the idea of the black and white filter was great it got to be a bit much to deal with, to be honest. I did enjoy it but I just had trouble dealing with it after 25 minutes or so.

2. Even after nearly 7 seasons, many battles and many lose, May is still keeping things that are very important to herself. You’d think she’d open up once in a while or go to Simmons when there is a problem.

Favorite Moment

Sousa manages to escape from the SHIELD team and make his way to the hotel, We see his “death” again but in turn, the assassin shot and “killed” Coulson, being an LMD has its perks. Coulson and Mack save Sousa and bring him onto the plane essentially keeping history intact with the death of Daniel Sousa.

Standout Character

Daniel Sousa. He’s such a great underrated character in the entire history of Marvel. He proves it in the past 2 episodes as well as the Agent Carter series.


The Verdict

A very interesting episode to be quite honest. I didn’t expect to see and change the history of Daniel Sousa from having him die to actually saving him. It’s going to be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

Rating: 8.8/10

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