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Arrow Seasons Ranked Worst to Best

Arrow’s first episode launched October 10th, 2012. Since then, we have been on some incredible ups, and some awful downs. Arrow is one of those shows for me that I can never stop watching. No matter how bad it gets. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel for the show.

Season 8 draws an ending to what will be, 8 years worth of content. None of us can complain at Stephen Amell. He took the role, ran with it, and he’s been an amazing Green Arrow.

More importantly, the question is always asked when Arrow is in conversation. What’s your favourite season? I answer that today, I rank them from worst to best. Let me know down in the comments what your list is.

7. Starting with the worst. Season 4. Why? The entire season felt too heavily focused on Felicity, and Oliver. The magic from Damien Darkh was also, well, a little too much. I always liked the fact The Flash had the over the top villains. Green Arrow fought the more realistic villains. It made sense. I know a few people that stopped watching Arrow because of this season.

6. Next up. Season 6. The Dragon was an exceptional villain throughout the entire season. However, I felt let down with the drawn out stories. Laurel’s redemption was particularly poor if I’m being brutally honest. That dragged out way too much. The crossover was fantastic. Felicity was heavily involved with Oliver, as she has with pretty much the entire run of the show. John never fit the Green Arrow mantle. The beginning of the season was the fallout from the island explosion in season 5. It never really felt like it explored that. What ever happened to Malcolm Merlyn? Talia? Anyone? It was kind of just, forgotten about.


5. I was stuck choosing the next one. I have got to go with Season 7. It was a solid season. It began with Oliver in prison fighting to clear his name. However it never felt the same after he outed himself as the Green Arrow. Emiko was a huge addition to the show, but ultimately ended in her demise.

4. Season 3. Personally, for me, this is one of my favourite seasons. Ra’s Al Ghul was so good. The entire story ark from the start was intriguing. It was around the time I could honestly say, the storytelling between Oliver and Felicity was told well. Oliver’s ultimate near death experience. The twist at the end. It all fell into place so well. It’s one of those seasons that I could easily watch again.

3. Flying into the list, next up is Season 5. Let’s be honest. Prometheus was simply amazing. A truly terrifying villain, always a step ahead, you just knew it. He took Oliver to lengths even Deathstroke never could. The ending of the season (although disappointing with that followed thereafter) was explosive (pun intended). It was gripping from the very beginning. I’m excited to see Adrian Chase back for the final season.

2. Coming in second, is none other than Season 2. I loved this season. Every single episode had something to offer. I mean, the badass of the season was Deathstroke. It cannot get any better than that! The flashback scenes were interesting, Deathstroke was even more interesting. He left a lasting impact that is still felt five seasons on, when Slade kills Oliver’s mother. All in all, for me personally, this deserves to be very tight with the first on this list. It was the season where Barry Allen was also born.

1. Now coming in first, there’s only one winner. Season 1. Where it all began. What a season this was. The brutality from Oliver, leaving no mercy on his enemies. The crippling time on the island. We even got Oliver and Laurel (how it’s supposed to be in the comics). Malcolm Merlyn was a top villain to kick off a series. After all, the first season did that well, it was the birth of the Arrowverse.

There’s my list. What’s yours? I’m intrigued to see what you write up. Please bare in mind this is just my personal list.

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