Black Widow Vs. Batwoman – Superfight #6

*Please note. These rules are made up, sometimes in instances to give the other an advantage dependant on power. We are also aware there as thousands of scenarios and rules, however in what we have described below is the rundown we would like to give.*

The final episode of season 1 gives us Black Widow, and Batwoman with a super twist. We will be back soon with a brand new season.

Black Widow

Electrified batons
Stun guns


Standard suit
Utility belt with standard gadgets


Gotham City


– Batwoman initiates
– Both aware of each other, fight pursues due to Widow being in Gotham
– Fight pursues with very little preperation


– No morals with the exception of death
– Kate more aware of the area
– Winner; first to fall, no deaths
– Captain America and Batman on standby for their respective sides

Our predictions

Daniel – “This is a close one, especially with the introduction of Cap, and Batman. However, due to the location of the fight alone I have to give this to Kate. In terms of hand to hand, both Bats win this. Even if Cap has his strength.”

Phil – “While Widow and Cap are both amazing fighters and heroes it comes down to natural ability to fight, that falls on Batman because he has mastered every fight technique and Batwoman can handle herself just as well as the other 3 heroes.”

Rebecca – “Black Widow. She’s a trained assassin, and Captain America has his shield made of vibranium. Plus, Captain America would never give up until he was put down and that’s a big if.”

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