‘Bloodshot’ Review

In these trying times, ‘Bloodshot’ offers nothing new to the genre of superhero movies. I went in with an open-mind but expectations based off the action-filled trailer and I wasn’t surprised with what I saw. The trailer pretty much gave away the extent of the plot, the antagonist and the troubles of Bloodshot together.

The hero is based on the Valiant comic character yet it feels like a ‘run of the mill’ action hero movie. Nothing set it apart from what we have seen before especially in the storyline of Bloodshot. I found it underwhelmed me; with its action sequences that felt like a mash of overused stunts and gritty-bass music. With someone as talented as Vin Diesel at the helm, I was surprised they didn’t go wild with outrageous scenes but unfortunately, everything felt rather pedestrian to me.

It is a real shame that I didn’t like this movie as it is rare for me to come out of the cinema feeling anything but joy – even if the film was bad! But something about this movie left me waiting for the credits to roll. It annoyed me after a while and I found myself wandering off into the corners of my mind for something more interesting.

Something good about it would probably be the cinematography. There were a few scenes of note where the snazzy mechanics really stood out and if you like anything relating to cool tech you will find yourself in awe too. But this is only if you can stomach the ridiculously predictable stream of dialogue that surrounds every bleeding encounter.

The film was everything that was said on the tin but canned goods are not as good as the fresh, real thing. If you want a slab of hot-headed action nonsense with enough machinery to make anyone who loved Pacific Rim dribble then this film is for you.


However, if you wanted something with depth, feisty action and a not-completely predictable plot then you might want to watch something else.

2/5 Stars

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