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Bryan Edward Hill Has Signed onto Write the Power Rangers Reboot Film Adaptation

Bryan Edward Hill has signed on to write the Power Rangers film adaptation from director Jonathan Entwistle. eOne will develop and produce the movie.

The Power Rangers reboot is major for the franchise as this new “reboot” movie will be connected to A new TV Universe so the movie and TV will be a shared universe. This is unique and interesting to see who they’ll cast for the roles.

It also begs the question, will the movie and tv universe share the same story or will the tv episodes be different from the movie story. Either way, it’s an interesting concept. I also want to know which Ranger team they will go with.

I’m excited to see what writer Bryan Edward Hill will come up with while writing this new movie, I’m such a huge fan of Bryan as he currently writes Titans (the best DC show) and has written one of my favorite comic stories, Killmonger.

I do, however, believe that a new “reboot” for the Power Rangers franchise is not needed, it just needs to be expanded. The 2017 movie was great, I absolutely loved it. From the action to the suits and design of the Rangers. The cast was amazing too.


I do believe that cast deserves a sequel. They just need to expand the universe, introduce Tommy Oliver and Lord Zedd, and the numbers will roll in. Yes, the story was a tiny bit lackluster but that’s only because they kept the Rangers until the end of the movie.

I hope in this new reboot they go for a serious tone to the story, keep the cringe for the current Power Rangers tv series. They are developing an animated series as well.

They should touch upon the Lord Drakkon storyline… give it to use in full-blown detail. The numbers will come in because everyone loves the Boom! studio comics and Lord Drakkon is a huge character now.

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