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Can Legends of Tomorrow Redeem Itself?

Back when Legends of tomorrow was first teased, it looked amazing. Leading up to the actual release of the show we were introduced to a whole new serious show.

The first two seasons were great, we got a great story in season 1 along with some great action and great character development for multiple characters like Snart, Rory, Sara, and even the Hawks.

After 2 great seasons, something happened with either the showrunners or the actual writers. They moved away from the seriousness which made the show standout to forced humor and cringe-worthy episodes.

Not only that but they went back on character development as well as writing characters out of the show for unnecessary reasons, yes the showrunners have always said the roster of the show would always change but I just didn’t think they’d change it without any reason.

While the show still has great moments, it’s full of forced humor and tries way over the top to be something funny. The show went from seriousness, the fate of the world type stuff to fairy godmothers, unicorns, and giant teddy bears.

So could Legends of Tomorrow survive much longer? For me, if it doesn’t change soon and go back to seriousness then it will not last many more seasons.

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