Could Disney Delay Black Widow Due To Coronavirus?

Black Widow is set to be released on the 1st of May, 2020. The final trailer released just a couple of days ago, and created an incredible hype for the movie – us included.

However, Coronavirus has recently been called a pandemic, forcing countries to take drastic action. Sporting events have been cancelled, countries are on lockdown; it’s safe to say it’s a scary time.

More recently, The New Mutants is delayed – again. More importantly this time with a good reason. Black Widow wasn’t announced within the delays, but this could be set to change.

Cinemas draw crowds. Any MCU movie on release day will draw a higher crowd than normal. This means the spread of coronavirus could be spread further.

A lot of cancelled events have been pushed back to April. This is to check the current state of the virus and then plan from there. This is only mere weeks from the release of Black Widow.


Even if a higher crowd attended the movie, there will still be a mass amount of people self-isolating themselves, or just simply scared to be among a crowd. This could definitely hinder the numbers Disney is expecting to receive at the Box Office.

Nearly every MCU movie in recent years has hit the $1b mark, but with the virus being the talking point of almost every conversation – if the release went ahead, it would be difficult to imagine that number being hit. It would be a shame.

I believe Disney desperately want this movie to go ahead as scheduled, but I also believe the movie will inevitably be delayed, at least until the virus is understood more, or treatments become available.

I wouldn’t blame Disney, in fact, I genuinely think it’s a good idea for them to do this. I can wait another 2-3 months, maybe more, if it means more people avoid the virus.

Mulan was also delayed by Disney. Other series have been delayed in the filming stage to prevent the spread.

We also predict that cinemas may also close, forcing delays regardless. If huge sporting events and tours are being cancelled – it’s only a matter of time before cinema bosses step in.

Remember – stay safe, and wash your hands for 20 seconds as often as you can.

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