Crisis On Infinite Earths Power Ranking List

After the Crisis crossover has went on a break until next month. Here is our breakdown of the top 10 superhero power rankings thus far in the 3 parts we’ve had.

10. Kingdom Come Superman

Simply because he tried to save an entire planet on his own but failed and it really bothered him while trying which lead to him explaining his suit and why it was black instead of yellow of the “S” symbol.

9. Cisco Ramon

Cisco is on this list because he helped Ray build the paragon finder and then got his powers back and made a choice only leaders would make in helping Earth-90 Flash make the ultimate sacrifice.

8. Black Lightning

Black Lightning made this list because he withstood the lightning the Anti-Monitors machine was giving up and he contained that energy for so long until Team Flash and Earth-90 Flash made a plan.

7. Ray Palmer

Ray was tasked with making a machine which located the 7 paragons in the multiverse which would of been a hard machine to build never mind get working properly.


6. Earth-38 Superman

The Superman from Earth-38 made the #6 spot simply because he went up against the Kingdom Come Superman (which is probably the strongest Superman) and withstood his heat vision and a beating a mind controlled KC Superman.

5. Kate Kane/ Batwoman

Because she had the courage the stand up against not only Bruce Wayne but a killer Bruce Wayne from Earth-99 which would of killed Kara with Kryptonite. She also stopped Kara from using the book of destiny and was willing to fight her. Not many people can change Kara’s mind but Kate managed to do it.

4. Pariah

Pariah was mostly trapped watching the work of the Anti-Monitor destroying worlds until he finally found his purpose, to save the paragons and give the multiverse one last chance. Pariah used his powers to send the 7 paragons to the Vanishing Point.

3. Lena Luthor

Now each number on this list is a superhero, why is Lena Luthor this high up? Well without her knowledge and her tech skills, Earth-38 would of lost a lot more people and Oliver’s sacrifice would of been for nothing if she never built the portal.

2. Earth-90 Barry Allen

Earth-90 Barry Allen comes in at the #2 spot because of his ultimate sacrifice to stop the Anti-Monitors machine but not only that he literally was trapped running on the cosmic treadmill to destroy the worlds. He made the sacrifice so Earth-1 Barry would survive.

1. Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen also made a sacrifice but in doing so saved 1 billion more people on his own. He disabled The Monitor and went up against hundreds of Shadow Demons without any arrows.

Honorable Mentions

3. John Constantine

Constantine gets a honorable mention because he took Mia and Diggle to Earth-666 and meet the devil himself… Lucifer to get Oliver’s soul back.


2. Lois Lane

Lois makes this list because she stopped Lex Luthor from controlling the KC Superman and using the book of destiny to kill the Supermen in the multiverse.

1. Lex Luthor

Lex comes in at the #1 spot because of his own idea’s and planning a head. He saw what was coming, told no one and changed KC Superman from being a paragon to Lex being the paragon instead.

This is our power ranking list for the first 3 parts of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.. make sure to check back in after the next 2 parts to see if this list has changed.

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