CW Arrowverse Shows Ranked Worst To Best 2019/2020

It’s been the most odd year for the Arrowverse shows. Arrow ended, the biggest TV crossover event ever happened, COVID-19 forced most of them to end early, Batwoman launched with the main actor leaving after the first season, and so much more.

This is a conversation that pops up, which show was the best? Today, I give my opinion on which show ranked top, and which show ranked bottom.

Please remember, this is my personal list on which show I enjoyed more than others.

6. Legends of Tomorrow

Honestly, Legends of Tomorrow has dropped so much that I began forgetting about the episodes releasing and lost my interest in it completely. While the season did have its moments, it was mainly forgettable.

While we did have good moments it was overshadowed by forced “humour” and just an altogether bad story arc of the season. The show has rapidly declined from when it was the best superhero show on the CW to being a joke of a show.


Not to mention the wasting of amazing characters like Mick Rory, John Constantine, Nate Haywood, and Ray Palmer, this was just this season, I did mention the wasted characters from the past couple of seasons.

Average rating 6.6/10

5. Supergirl

If I’m honest from the get-go here, Supergirl had an okay season. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, however, it was on the poor side. It was kind of just, there. It’s been like this for two seasons now which is disappointing, to say the least. Supergirl had such a strong opening three seasons, everything about the show was great, and I’m still not sure where it went so wrong. I think the politics side last season never helped.

I’m not taking anything away from the show, because quite frankly, it did have some moments in there that were brilliant. Lex in general, Brainiac’s tube at the finale, Alex in the black suit, the DEO is somewhat gone, and more.

Unfortunately, out of all the other Arrowverse shows, I’m afraid this is the one I enjoyed the least. I do feel like Lex Luthor portrayed by Jon Cryer was the highlight of the season, and everything surrounding it couldn’t live up to it. Whilst the ending was good, and it sets up the next season perfectly, I’m afraid this season never excited me for anything.

Average rating 8.4/10

4. Black Lightning

Now, Black Lightning did start off slow but it gradually picked up the pace into the rest of the season delivering great moments, great fight scenes and even tied in with Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Could the story of been laid out better? Definitely. Was the story interesting? Yes… to a point. It didn’t rush the story by any means but it did have a decent pace and stayed on course unlike Legends of Tomorrow.

The show delivered great character development for characters such as Black Lightning himself, Jennifer, Anissa, but the most developed was Khalil. The show did give us an annoying character arc for Lynn which was disappointing.

Average rating 7.6/10

3. Batwoman

The CW show that had the slowest start out of every Arrowverse show, but it picked up at such an accelerated rate after Crisis. It delivered consistently after this. Twists and turns at every single point, it was edgy, brutal, terrifying, everything Gotham is supposed to entail.

Of course, it’s such a shame Ruby Rose left the role. Leaving the show open to fail after this season if it’s not done right, which looking at the rumours, it seems like it’s not going to go well. Even after the strong finale which set up season 2 in a great way, it’s difficult to look forward to it now.

I put this third because of the slow start, even if it had an extremely strong first season. Obviously the negativity surrounding the show now does not help matters either. One of the many things that surprised me was, I WAS one of those that wrote the show off after the first trailer. Many people still did and never gave it a chance, but for me, it absolutely squashed everything people claimed it was at the trailers stage.

Average rating 8.7/10

2. The Flash

This season of The Flash was vastly different from any other season we’ve had, and I applaud them for that. It had 2 major villains in Bloodwork, and Eva. It also gave us the death of the speed force, a better version of Godspeed with a tease of him coming back, Wally’s explosive one-episode return, the mirror-verse, and so much more.

It worked but unfortunately, the show ended due to COVID-19 but still had an incredible ending that left on such a good cliffhanger. People will often ask why I placed this second. I popped this second because for me Arrow had the stronger season, Cisco was fairly poor and Ralph and Caitlin never had much involvement (understandable with Caitlin as Danielle was pregnant).

I’m not taking anything away from the show because it was still fantastic, I still really enjoyed it, and if anything, it’s got me excited for what is shaping up to be one of the best seasons ever in season 7.

Average rating 8.9/10

1. Arrow

We all knew season 8 was the ending of Arrow. The season only ended on 10 episodes, but each episode was fantastic. For me, one of the main things I loved about this season was the returns from some of the older characters. Almost every character we knew and loved came back for an episode at least.

The ending was a mixed bag among a lot of people, but for me, I absolutely loved it. The finale ended on a happy note, which I do feel like the character more than deserved.

Another reason why I ranked it so high was the premise of the actual season. It was different. Oliver was completing missions for The Monitor, and each episode was different. It didn’t focus too heavily on “Olicity”, and it just focused on the Green Arrow being the badass he was back in the first couple of seasons. A great ending to a fantastic show that is still missed today.

Average rating 9.5/10

What are your rankings? Do you agree or disagree? Either way, let us know down in the comments what your ranks are.

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