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CW’s The Flash Season 7 Villain Ideas

Before we begin, please note this is mainly the villains I would love to see during season 7.

Getting into it, the CW has a case of doing split season villains. More recently we had Bloodwork, now followed by Black Hole, which will be interesting to see.

We also know CW has renewed The Flash for another season, more than likely sticking to the usual timetable of an October release.

From past experience, CW seem to remain tight lipped on the big bads they choose, which is fine, it creates a hype for who’s next.

The last time we saw a speedster villain was Savitar during season 3. I would love it if they would swing it back around to a speedster for season 7.


Why? Well, because it’s been so long. Plus, there’s a lot of incredible Flash villains out there that really deserve a live action performance.

Queue the first one, and the one I want to see the most;

Red Death

Image result for red death dc

Let’s be honest, how incredible would the suit be live action?! It would be the greatest villain suit since Zoom. In the comics Red Death is essentially Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen combined; making this the ultimate speedster. Of course, the CW could spin the character combined with Barry, but regardless if it’s Bruce, or someone else, this would be epic. Dubbed a psychotic villain, you can only imagine the chaos Red Death would bring to The Flash. This is definitely a villain I want to see in season 7, or at some point before the series comes to an eventual end.


Image result for godspeed flash

We’ve had glimpses of Godspeed throughout the run of The Flash, but nothing that compares to the monster in the comics. August Heart, originally from Prime Earth makes perfect sense now the Earth we have post-Crisis is Earth Prime. The name of Godspeed pretty much explains it in detail. What makes even perfect sense they’re setting this up, is that August was struck by the Black Hole organisation, the same organisation we’re seeing now. After August is struck, he becomes Barry’s partner but behind closed doors is something far more sinister. This is my second choice, but a choice I feel would be better suited to the story line we’re seeing now. We’ve seen Godspeed before, but nowhere near the true form we see in the comics.

Daniel West

Image result for daniel west dc

A very interesting story with this one. Daniel is the brother of a very supportive Iris. After an abusive father, Daniel paralyses him, making Iris’ opinion of him change. He runs away and becomes a street level thug. Gaining his first score, he’s caught and arrested by none other than Barry Allen. After prison, Iris still doesn’t make amends, which results in Daniel seeking the speed force to go back in time to change everything. Of course he gets it. This would be my third choice on the list, but a good villain nonetheless. More so, Daniel is originally from Earth-Prime so this would be good. I believe if they do half a season, Daniel’s story would fit in nicely there. Not to mention his suit would look unbelievable live action.

Another notable mention would be Cobalt Blue. However, with Savitar being a remnant of Barry, a twin brother wouldn’t work again. They could bring back Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne to portray the character. I think this would be another great addition.

There’s my list. You can probably guess I really want another speedster villain, there’s mine. Who would you like to see as the season 7 villain?


Let me know down in the comments.

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