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Daisy Ridley Should Have Been A Kenobi – Original Rey Plot

When The Force Awakens trailers and even when the movie was first released, many fans and many casual’s had one major question on their minds after watching the trailers and movie… WHO IS REY??

When we got introduced to Rey, we saw her on Jakku, scavenging for parts to be able to get food to survive. She then grew into this badass character who later went on to train under Luke Skywalker and eventually go on to defeat Darth Sidious himself.

But what many fans don’t realize is how many changes actually happened to her character during filming and production. In a recent interview with Josh Gad, Ridley revealed a few bits of backstory for Rey.

First off, There was an idea of her somehow being related to the iconic Obi-Wan Kenobi. This one would have been perfect for me. Then came The Last Jedi and in this version, she was a “nobody” thanks to Rian Johnson, then The Rise of Skywalker came along, and during production, J.J told her that Palpatine was her grandfather.

The plans for Rey were changed once again 2 weeks later to be an “Oh we’re not sure” so even Daisy herself didn’t truly know who she was going to end up being.


When Ridley revealed this, many fans took to social media to vent their frustrations and surprises that Rey could have been a Kenobi and even got Rey Kenobi trending.

Watch the entire interview below.

Daisy was then asked by Josh, Would she ever return to the character of Rey in 10 years if she was asked to be a part of a new line of Star Wars movies to which Ridley replied; “10 years seems like a long way away but for me, The Rise of Skywalker was tied with a bow”. But she also said Never say Never.

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