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Doom Patrol “Tyme Patrol” Review

Season 2 Episode 2 “Cliff, Jane and Rita pursue Dr. Tyme — and his time-altering space mineral — in their reluctant quest to help Niles and Dorothy; Vic meets Roni, a feisty military vet who challenges his beliefs; Larry comes face-to-face with his past at a funeral.”

What I Liked

1. At the beginning of the previous episode, we see Dorothy in the circus scene, at the beginning of this episode we see it from the Chief’s perspective, which I think was great. Especially understanding why and how he was there in the first place.

2. Cliff goes on a rant to Niles, seemingly a moment of truth when he finds out the Chief may be dying. It was fairly emotional, especially when he gets to the point of hugging his daughter and not feeling any sensations whatsoever.

3. Seeing Vic at the trauma center for some reason made me realize how far this show has come. The toning has changed, and I really like the premise of how it now is. Especially showing Vic’s more human side, and struggling to deal with his own mental state. Especially after what he did to his father in the last season.

4. As Cliff, Rita and Jane head off to find Dr. Tyme, they stumble through darkness into the roller blade 80’s disco. The reactions from each of them were hilarious. What a way to lighten the mood!


5. A good bit of action at the disco. Especially after Rita manages to smash Dr. Tyme’s clock head on the floor. What’s important to remember here is what both Cliff and Jane saw whilst they were hit with a time bolt with Niles. It’s getting more interesting as we go.

6. We seem to understand Kay a bit more here. We know the process she goes through to have a change. She goes through Holy water to have the dominant personality changed. We know her actual name is Kay, and Jane is currently the dominant personality to the host. It will be interesting if we do actually get a change. Although any personality can come to the surface at any time, it would be nice to have a new dominant host for a while.

What I Disliked

Although I did like Cyborg’s attendance to a trauma center, besides this I feel like he’s misplaced in the series. He feels lost, and I don’t know why. The scenes with the lady just weren’t great, and if anything, she irritated me more than anything.

Favourite Moment

A touching moment at Gary’s funeral, Larry’s son. As he’s mourning over the coffin, a man steps forward to ask Larry if he was a member of Gary’s club. As Larry speaks, the man recognizes the voice. It’s Larry’s son, Paul. This hit quite hard, harder than I expected. I can only imagine the emotions the pair of them are facing right now.

It does get more emotional after Larry discovers what seems to be a letter written to him from Gary when he was a child, asking where he’s gone.

Standout Character

I’m going to give this week’s standout to Larry. Although technically he never did much, it was his body language on attending the funeral, and displaying the pain he was feeling. He was even crying once he found the letter. His ark in this episode was definitely the most interesting.


Doom Patrol’s new tone lately is becoming a delight to watch. I was never a huge fan of the previous season, but I’m absolutely loving the direction this is going. Each character has interesting arks, and I can only imagine the show getting better as it goes.


Rating 9.5/10

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