Falcon and the Winter Soldier Delayed Until 2021

Over the past few months, we’ve had a tease and a date for Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ show. It was originally meant to be released in August of 2020 but was hit with a huge delay in filming because of Covid-19.

We’ve seen set photos and behind the scenes photos of Anthony Mackie in his new suit. We’ve also got to see a previous character last seen in The Winter Soldier movie, Batroc the Leaper played by MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre.

Now over the past week or two, we’ve had multiple sites report that the show will still release in 2020 along with WandaVision, However, an updated page on Disney+ has confirmed the Falcon and Winter Soldier will premiere in 2021.

While this is disappointing, If this delay means they can go back and film so more scenes or reshoot scenes and potentially add episodes into the season then I’m completely fine with that.

A 2021 date means that most likely the release date will be early in 2021 and hopefully a trailer should be released in the coming months for the show.


I will say this though, this is one of the Disney+ shows I’m most excited for along with Loki. The rest I’m not too excited for yet but after playing the Avengers game, Ms. Marvel is one character I’m interested in seeing live-action.

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