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Fortnite’s Marvel Season Is Here

Honestly, I never expected to ever write an article on Fortnite, but as it falls into the realms of what we do here, I figured it was best to let all the Fortnite and Marvel fans around the world know just what’s in store for Fortnite this season.

Immediately upon turning my PS4 on I was greeted with a cutscene, of Thor using the Bifrost to bring together the heroes. These include obviously Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Storm, Groot, She-Hulk and Wolverine.

For £6.49/$7.99 you can get the Battle Pass, which I highly recommend. In the Battle Pass you can see below what characters you get at what level;

Level 1 – Thor
Level 22 – She-Hulk
Level 38 – Groot
Level 53 – Storm
Level 67 – Doctor Doom
Level 80 – Mystique
Level 93 – Tony Stark

Each of the levels also come with gliders, wraps, music, and more. What is more impressive is the built-in emotes for some of the characters.


Once you unlock Tony Stark at level 93, at level 100 you unlock the built-in emote that allows him to suit up, and use the animation from Infinity War where he taps his chest and the suit forms around him.

Other impressive things to note with the built-in emotes is that they all have them. She-Hulk turns Hulky, Groot has Rocket with him, Thor turns into thunder itself, and more.

Wolverine will come as the weekly challenge character similar to Deadpool and Aquaman before. So, essentially, for buying the Battle Pass and completing the challenges you get around 8 characters. It’s really not bad whatsoever.

My favourite’s from the Battle Pass are Iron Man’s stuff, the skin, the harvesting tool, the back piece, it’s all beautiful. I also absolutely LOVE the Baby Groot back piece. There’s a lot to love here, and Fortnite has done an exceptional job this season.

It’s a huge difference from last season where disappointment was obvious from fans. I couldn’t get away with most of last season, to be honest, up until the map was sorted as everything felt crowded.

All in all, with this season and the Marvel’s Avengers game on the 4th September, it’s safe to say I’m a happy nerd right now.

What are your thoughts on the Battle Pass? Let me know down in the comments below.


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