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Marvel’s Avengers Is Still A Mess

I’m going out straight here, Square Enix; get your act together.

Never in my life have I witnessed a game with this many bugs. They put out their 1.3.0 patch two days ago and it literally feels like nothing has changed.

Let’s be honest. Why are they releasing a game that they’ve identified over 1,000 bugs in the first damn place, IN LESS THAN A MONTH OF RELEASE?! Surely this is what the beta’s were for, and I’m sure they pay game testers good money to ensure this doesn’t happen. Unless the game testers are idiots I don’t know, but there’s no way anybody plays this and doesn’t experience multiple glitches and bugs.

Suits are missing, my friend was blue screening on PS4 every single time he loaded the game so couldn’t play, enemies are still missing outside specific rooms, the power levels are still off, and many other bugs.

I reported to Square Enix support directly that my Iconic Armour suit is still missing. They literally told me they will raise this, but cannot guarantee a fix. That’s nice. Here’s the screenshot;


Technically this could mean I will never have access to the Iconic Armour although it’s an easy skin to unlock through the campaign.

You can’t tell me the developers can’t just drop people a code for the skin or add it to their account.

Reddit posts have been deleted, Twitter never responds, and their support just seems generic. My friend’s version which was Digital was literally crashing every time on load up. Every tip they sent him never worked.

If this issue happens on PS4;

Go to settings, go to backup saves, and essentially reload an earlier save file. Something we figured out, and a fix they never even knew about. That says a lot.

Whilst 1,000 issues may be resolved, there’s still a lot that hasn’t been fixed.

Not to mention this new Gauntlet of Heroes event sucks. I can’t imagine those that get to Gauntlet 7 or even 8, die, and then lose everything. Come on Square Enix. You’re better than this. I get that it’s a challenge, a good one at that, but you’ve just rinsed and repeated the same mission 8 times. It’s BORING. Not to mention getting one shot on the mode, even on CHALLENGE 1 with 144 power making the mission 139. I stomp people with +5 on normal war zones, so this doesn’t even make sense.


I love this game. I want it to do well, but at this rate can you be surprised if people put their controllers down, use their mouse to hover over “close” with the state it’s in? How is that supposed to bode well for their plans for a multi-year game?

If too many players get wind the game is broken, nobody is going to play anymore and a loss of revenue stream begins. Judging by the majority of comments it doesn’t seem like it’s that far away.

When the game runs properly, it’s an enjoyable experience. For the most part, Square Enix have done well. However, in terms of glitches, bugs, this is easily the worst bugged game on launch in history. I’ve never known a game to literally blue screen on load up every single time without having a fix in place for it.

The game’s potential will truly begin to show next month with Kate, but I have to admit, as much as I do love the game, I’m losing hope.

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