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New Marvel’s Avengers Footage Released

Marvel’s Avengers is a highly anticipated game many fans are waiting for, It got announced last year and was originally set for releases earlier this year but unfortunately got delayed.

Over the course of waiting for the game, we have been shown images of suits available in-game, got to see a mission of A-Day and a trailer set around A-Day itself.

Today we got the first War Table which came with a lot of information about the game, the story, characters, and who the first supervillain is. I say first because they’ve also confirmed they want the story to run over a few years so they’ll obviously give us more villains over time.

After the events of A-Day, we come to learn that Modok is the villain and AIM is one of the major enemies for the Avengers to face throughout the story.

Along with a story trailer, we also got a new mission involving Thor because they’ve heard fans speaking about wanting to see a new mission. They gave us a mission which shows Thor’s fighting abilities and a new skin for the character.


The mission we got is titled “Once An Avenger” and it’s pre-alpha footage which still looks incredible in my honest opinion.

Of course, for this game we’ll also be getting a multiplayer side of things, they’ve shown us gameplay and gave out information about a couple of new modes “Co-op and War Zones”.

In this mode, you can play with a group of 4 friends, play story missions or do co-op or war zones mission which gives out new cosmetics, more resistance people in the story and more rewards.

As well as getting all this information and gameplay, we also got to see 3 more characters which will be in the game (might be playable). Dum Dum Dugan, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill were the 3 characters revealed with a confirmation of a new hero post-launch (my guess is either Hawkeye or Captain Marvel).

They also showed off Thor’s skill tree with new moves being able to be unlocked throughout the game. Throughout the game you’ll rebuild the helicarrier you see being destroyed in the trailers and will have 3 different factions which will each give unique rewards and cosmetics to characters.

In War zones before you jump into the missions there will be a time where you can explore and free roam, some missions will be outside where you can explore and find things to upgrade and some missions will be tailored inside buildings etc.

One big thing did also get revealed… the Hulkbuster. I can’t wait to use this suit in game. The characters can work together and have ultimate moves together to take down opponents.

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