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PS5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay Looks Incredible

With the launch of the PS5 just 2 months away now, Insomniac Games released a lengthy clip that showed us a couple of cutscenes and gameplay.

The game looks and feels largely similar to its PS4 predecessor but I’m not complaining in that instance whatsoever, considering it damn near perfect.

The scene shows us that Miles’ mother is running for votes in a political campaign when everything just goes to hell as per usual.

Miles steps in to help but subsequently fails as the bridge falls apart, giving me Marvel’s Avengers vibes. It’s a stunning 7 minutes that’s for sure.

I’m happy Insomniac have decided to go down this route with Miles instead of another Peter Parker story, since it’s been told numerous times before, this is a solid fresh take moving forward.


We know the game won’t be a full feature-length similar to what we got with the PS4 version, and it’s classed as a spin-off, but I’m excited nonetheless.

The game will launch on PS4 as well, which is a fantastic move for those who want to wait for the PS5. Also included in the Deluxe Edition is the PS4 original Spider-Man game, which is another great move for those who want to replay the game, I know for a fact I will.

The game will also be ‘upgraded’ and will feature small differences to get the best experience on the next-generation console.

I have to admit though, seeing some of the new powers we see with Miles, it’s got me crazy hyped, even more so than the PS5 itself.

You can see the gameplay here;

What do you think of the gameplay?

Let us know down in the comments below.


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