Should A Live-Action Into The Spider-Verse Movie Happen?

I’m seeing a lot, and I mean A LOT of fan-made posted showcasing all 3 of our live-action Spider-Man stood side by side.

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have all had their strong points during their runs as Spider-Man. Of course, Tom is still on a roll currently.

Sony released their animated Into The Spider-Verse back in 2018, starring none other than Miles himself, and for the most part, it was incredibly successful.

Fans often top the movie as their number 1 Spider-Man movie and it’s very easy to see why they do. However, imagine this in live-action form?

There are rumours floating around that Tom has one more movie with Marvel, and then Sony will take him on board. We still don’t know if it’s true, but it isn’t difficult to see why they wouldn’t.


Both Tom Holland’s movies have done extremely well, and so has Sony’s Venom. So, would I complain if Sony took the character back? No.

The MCU has a catalogue of characters still to explore, especially with the Fantastic Four, and X-Men to be introduced, I don’t mind if Tom heads back to Sony, only if they allow Tom’s Spider-Man to show up in crossovers.

The Spider-Verse is massive, even just the Sinister 6 alone is huge. So, realistically I would be more than happy to have extra movies drop alongside Marvel and DC.

Of course, the obvious problems here would be bringing Tobey and Andrew back into the fold, but would it be THAT big of an issue? I don’t think so. Both actors loved their roles, and I’m sure with a bit of convincing they would come back.

As per the animation, it would be a perfect opportunity to introduce Miles Morales into live-action, something fans have been wanting for a very long time now. The Spider-Man PS4 game further proved that Miles is a highly sought after character in the Marvel universe.

Tracking back to the question of the article’s title, should it happen? Of course! I do believe a movie under this calibre could do so well! Not to mention bring the divided fans of each actor together as one.

Often times I see debates on which Spider-Man is best, bringing this together would bring a community that loves the character together. That can only mean good things.


On top of the 3 Spider-Man, you could have Morbius, Venom, the recently rumoured announcement of Jackpot, plus Silver Sable and so many more characters in one monumental crossover.

Who doesn’t love crossovers?!

With DC still on a graphical up and down with their movies, with the hopes of turning it around. A live-action Into The Spider-Verse would certainly shake things up. Especially being one of, if not the most popular superhero to ever exist.

Would you love to see this happen?! Let me know down in the comments below what you think.

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