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Should August Heart Be Introduced In The Flash This Season?

Godspeed is a sinister, dark, and twisted villain in the comics for The Flash. We’ve seen Godspeed’s “copies” previously on the show – but nothing that shows the version from the comics.

Currently, the speed force has died. Crisis has caused the earth we know to become Earth-Prime, and the current “villain(s)” are the Black Hole organization we’re currently witnessing right now.

What does all this lead to? Godspeed.

August Heart goes after the Black Hole organization, subsequently risking his own life – and is shot at before Barry manages to save him. Whilst doing so, a Speed Force storm emerges and hits August; giving him speed.

If you’re unsure of the comics, but watch the show; does this current story lead to that? Absolutely.

People ask, why is Godspeed any different to the Reverse Flash, or Zoom?

August steals speed. He doesn’t just steal their speed, he ultimately kills them whilst doing so. This makes him incredibly quick, and even quicker than Barry.

He also manages to learn an ability that allows him to be in two places at once. This is the Godspeed variants that we’ve seen throughout the run of The Flash – and that’s the scariest bit.

Whilst it’s always great to see Thawne, it’s been multiple seasons now since we had a new villain speedster introduced – and there is plenty to choose from in The Flash Rogue gallery.

Godspeed would give the show a new breath of fresh air, giving us those uneasy feelings we all felt during the first 2 or 3 seasons.

The suit is there, and it’s stunning – they just need a proper actor to cast to bring this to life. Unless they have already done that and he’s coming? Maybe. I hope so, anyway.

We know Godspeed is returning later in the season, and it’s more than likely another copy. I do hope we get the full version of August introduced here, and not another disappointing story with this incredible speedster.

I mentioned in another article here, that I would love to see either Godspeed, or Red Death be introduced for next seasons big bad, but who would you love to see?

Let us know down in the comments below.

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