Should Batman Beyond Be Introduced Into The DCEU

Batman Beyond was introduced into the comics in 1999, and the character has already had an animated show that was actually impressive. However, on the live-action front, we still haven’t had anything – not even a tease.

With rumours circulating of Michael Keaton reprising his role as the Caped Crusader, I believe this could be the perfect opportunity to begin introducing the character.

If Keaton is to come back on board, he’s 68 years old so the age difference would fit in absolutely perfect.

Who is Batman Beyond?

Terry Mcginnis is a young 16 year old who gets into an altercation with a gang called the Jokerz set around 30 years after Batman. He stumbles across the Wayne Manor, where he and Bruce fight side by side. This aggravates a heart condition with Bruce, where Terry helps him inside. Fortunately for Terry, he comes across the Batman equipment and is chased out by Bruce.

Of course, at this point, Bruce Wayne is retired and has shut down anything to do with Batman. McGinnis finds his father murdered after his altercation with the new gang. He takes the evidence to the police but seems to be shrugged off, so he steals the Bat-suit.


After this, Bruce grants him the mantle of Batman. It essentially goes from there, and he develops his very own Rogue Gallery of villains.

Why would it be interesting?

We’ve had countless iterations of Bruce Wayne/Batman over the previous 28 years, with a new one set to come with Robert Pattinson so this makes sense going forward. The same way with Miles Morales and Peter Parker.

We know Bruce Wayne’s story now, and it’s a perfect time to introduce a new Batman with a new story that a lot of people haven’t heard of before. It’s more thinking about the bigger picture here.

Not to mention, Beyond’s suit is stunning, and his suit has even more advanced technology than Batman’s standard suit. Here’s a shot of what the suit could look like in live-action;

Fan art by Joe Grabenstetter

Here’s a shot of what McGinnis looks like in the animated TV series;

Despite the lack of appearances, the characters popularity continues to surge throughout comic book fans, and even casuals.

With help from the skin/suit in the Arkham Knight game, the character is highly sought after. We’ve been hoping for Beyond for some time now, even hoping they would introduce Terry in the CW show, Legends of Tomorrow.


What do you think? Do you think it’s time to look into the character? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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