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Should There Be More Comic Video Games?

Let’s start with Marvel. Their movies hit $1b comfortably at almost every release, merchandise flies out, and Blu-Ray sales are usually high. However, when it comes to video games it’s incredibly scarce. Why?

In the last three years or so, we’ve only had two AAA titles. Spider-Man, and Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Again, why?

The superhero franchise is at an all time high with mass support from millions worldwide. Movies, and merchandise sales alone are just crazy. However, video games get a serious lack of attention.

Both Spider-Man, Fallen Order, even Arkham City back in 2015 pushed out some great numbers, so it surprises me when studios are not pushing for more.

Even now, the only release we’ve got when it comes to this to be excited about is Marvel’s Avengers, and the new Lego Star Wars game which is still currently TBA.

So when games do come they do well, but they don’t push forward on them. Each Marvel, and DC only have one superhero title to date, that being those mentioned above.

RPG games such as The Witcher, and Fallout do well, so even then it surprises me one of these have not decided to jump on board. The ideas are endless when you have a mass catalogue of characters to use.

There could be a number of reasons as to why they don’t; too much money for the gaming studio to pay? Video game fans can be the worst critics? Or is that everything else does so well that they don’t need to push out games? Who knows.

I speak about what I’d love in a Star Wars game, or a Justice League game for example, and every conversation I have is just filled with brilliant ideas. There’s wishlists, upon wishlists online, but none ever get attended to.

Fallen Order was the first Star Wars game in years that I absolutely wanted. Fully fledged lightsaber combat, with a somewhat open world, great story, and no microtransactions – albeit disappointed at the lack of DLC content.

EA have the Star Wars license and in 3 games, they’ve only managed to really pull 1 out the bag. Could that be another reason? The fact that these studios are home known brands so they’ll sell regardless. FIFA, and Call of Duty are prime examples. Battlefront 2’s launch reaction was groundbreaking, thus causing us to get the game we wanted.

My answer to the article in question is absolutely. Spider-Man, and Fallen Order were different than the usual norm of games we get every year. It switched it up to the point you could get excited. I definitely don’t think studios should be shelling out a game every 4 months, but I do agree they should be more common place than they are now.

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26 years old. Co-founder, and co-owner of Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Comic Universe website.

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