Should We Have Got A Second Season of Inhumans?

Two and a half years ago – Marvel felt pure hatred towards a product they had never felt before. This came when the infamous Marvel’s Inhumans dropped in September 2017.

Now, the same two questions pop when a conversation about the series happens;

Was it underrated? Or was it really just straight-up poor?

The answer to that is merely perception. People often forget what the series actually did that was great. The castings were good, the entire thing was shot in IMAX, the main ark was fairly okay, the finale teased a lot, and the setting on the moon was breathtaking.

Again, that’s my perception. I actually fairly enjoyed the show for what it was. I knew then, and I know now the show could have been miles better than it was.


The Inhumans have some great comic book stories, they are also incredibly powerful.

Iron Fist had a relatively hated first season, but a second season was announced almost immediately. So why not this? Iron Fist’s second season was far superior to the first because it was given the chance.

Could a new showrunner have saved it? I definitely think so. The original season was slow, and at times boring. We never even got to witness Medussa in her prime, and this did irritate me.

More importantly, I do feel a new showrunner could have worked wonders with the show, and really brought out the power in all of them.

Ms Marvel has been announced, and we all know she has a strong partnership with the brilliant teleporting dog, Lockjaw. Could Ms Marvel pave the way for a re-cast and tease? I certainly hope so.

I definitely feel the Inhumans deserve justice, and even though I enjoyed the original series to an extent, I just know the potential the entire project had. It’s just a shame what a new showrunner could have done with this brilliant cast.

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