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Spider-Man Coming to Marvel’s Avengers as A Playstation Exclusive

From the moment Marvel’s Avengers was announced, fans have either asked for Hawkeye or Spider-Man. With many fans wanting the Spider-Man from Sony’s game making the jump across to the Avengers.

Well, now we have our first details for our first free post-launch DLC character for the game in 2021.

Spider-Man will be making his way to Marvel’s Avengers in 2021. While it’s not the already Insomniac Games version of Spider-Man, it is however a brand new version created purposely for Avengers.

While I was originally buying it on PS4 anyway, I do have mixed opinions on this deal being exclusive to one console. Take Hawkeye for example… He’s getting his own story, own missions, etc. So with Spider-Man being as huge as he is at this moment in time, he’ll obviously get a story of his own.

So Xbox and PC gamers will miss out on this opportunity to use the web-slinger. It’s a good deal from Sony, but once again the game will receive more hate.


In my opinion, I’m a PlayStation user, will be buying it on PS4 and on the soon to be released PS5. I do think Spider-Man should be there for everyone to use, on all platforms.

I am curious to see Crystal Dynamics design for Peter Parker, their design for his suit, his web-slinging mechanics and just to see how old he’ll be… If he’ll resemble any previous actor of Spider-Man.

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