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Spider-Man Sequel (PS4) – What We Would Love To See

Spider-Man games have came and went. Only a small proportion of those live long in the memory. Others, well, *cough Amazing Spider-Man* were terrible.

However, hope came in like a tornado when Insomniac released their first trailer, and the game was everything besides disappointing.

It changed everything, and the game did so well, and rightfully so, we are looking at a sequel – we can’t wait. More importantly, as near perfect as it was, it still could’ve had just a bit more.

Let’s take a look at the 6 things we would absolutely love to see in a sequel.

Create A Suit

The first never let us down with the mass selection of suits included in the game, and the others that got added. I seriously have no complaints whatsoever.

This idea stems from the recent Far From Home movie where Peter creates and builds his own suit. I’d absolutely love to have this addition included in the game.

Imagine the combinations you could make? Whilst having the suit contain its own special ability, similar to the Iron Spider and the legs in the first game.

The Spider-Verse

While we got insanely teased with Miles Morales all throughout the first game, we never really got to see him full blown. In the sequel I would love to play as Miles for a few missions.

Also I would love a spider-verse story as a whole. It would open many opportunities story wise and character wise. Throughout the first game we got a fully fledged Spider-man who was already a hero for way over 8 years.

I can see Spider-Gwen, Spider-man Noir and even Spider-man villains from all throughout the multiverse being involved in the game and it would make for a great story, especially after the incredible Spider-verse movie.

More Marvel Heroes

I understand that due to licensing this can sometimes be difficult, especially considering it’s Sony running the show with the game. Wouldn’t it be great just for any hero or even villain outside the Spider-Man norm to show up? Even as a cameo?

In the last game we had Matt Murdock’s law office, Avengers tower, Wakandan Embassy, Doctor Strange’s crib, and more. We even got mentions of the Avengers but they were nowhere to be seen.

It would be great to branch out just a little bit more. I’m sure with the monumental success of the first game, Disney would allow this to happen. Even a small appearance can make a memorable impact. Even connecting it to the upcoming Avengers game as well.

Better DLC

This is where the first game let me down the most. The DLC they introduced was abysmal. I had no interest after the first DLC. I just feel like they could have introduced much better villains, and stories than they did.

With the lack of microtransactions and loot crates, I was beyond excited when Insomniac announced the first DLC, after release it just felt like they were supposed to be in the game anyway.

Spider-Man has many stories, especially the main one was emotional, and definitely left an impact; they could have followed on from this. Even the stuff we got wasn’t really all that tied in to the story as it was. I feel like better planned, and more story connected DLC can only help boost the game.

Side Missions

I did receive a platinum trophy on the first, but not without a mindless grind helping the police, or just constantly finding stuff – this was even present in the DLC which was boring.

I understand the need to keep the game going, but I think in the next they should have meaningful side stories. Similar to the way that Batman’s Arkham Knight was – you could do certain missions to find and fight Deathstroke for example.

I don’t believe they should go full Fallout/Witcher style with the side quests, I just feel like they could do with a bit of TLC. It would be even better if Disney allowed Sony to use more heroes/villains giving them a huge catalogue to choose from.

RPG Elements

Choices in any form of superhero formula, whether games or movies, whatever that specific character does defines if he’s a true definition of a hero or not.

I think this isn’t a necessity considering the story was so great. But wouldn’t this be great? At the end of the first with the choice between saving the city or May, wouldn’t it be better to have a double outcome dependant on the player choice?

As I say, with this one it’s more of a nice to have more than anything else. Certain points in the story should require certain choices, and those choices go on to affect the story. Especially with JJ Jameson, you could have a meter which shows how the public perceive you.

That’s our list on what we would love to see in a Spider-Man sequel.

What’s yours? Let us know down in the comments below!

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