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Star Wars: Squadron Set To Be Revealed Today

Out of absolutely nowhere, in the midst of brand new game trailers. EA dropped a brand new tease on us, in the form of Star Wars: Squadrons.

What seemingly looks like it’s set to be a space battle type game, more than likely more in-depth than the Battlefront 2 modes.

The EA Star Wars YouTube account already has the reveal ready to be premiered on YouTube and you can do so by going here;

The trailer is set to be revealed at 8 AM PST, that’s 4 PM BST for the UK.

Here’s a couple of tweets they posted about the game;


What do you think of the game? I’m a little nervous about this, as the space battles were my least favourite but I’m extremely optimistic about this. The more time goes on, the more excited I get.

Anything Star Wars related and I’m excited!

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