Supergirl “House of L” Review

“In the wake of Lex Luthor’s return, flashbacks show what he’s been doing for the last two years and how his secret machinations and plans have affected Supergirl and Lena.” 

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. Supergirl is finally starting to pick up this season and it’s about time, the episode starts of with a small battle between Supergirl and a battle armored Lex which he immediately gets knocked out of but we see he has powers and is able to get the better of Supergirl on top of the Daily Planet building.It then flashes back to a courtroom where we see Lex on trial with Lena and James testifying against him… the judge hands Lex a 31 consecutive life sentences but Lex has done something to the judge and people in the courtroom and everyone starts to choke and Lex says ‘let’s make that 32 consecutive life sentences’.

2. We see what happened when we first saw the Supergirl duplicate in Kasnia, We see the General of the Kasnian military make a phonecall to Lex while he’s in Strykers Island Prison, Lex can come and go as he’s got the warden in his back pocket. Next we see Lex coming to see the Kasnian Supergirl and to teach her about her powers and where she comes from. While he visits with this Supergirl often, it shows us that he’s sort of manipulating her to be against Kara/Supergirl and America.

3. Melissa Benoist playing the Kasnian version of Supergirl was incredible, we really saw a different side of her in this episode. While we can praise Melissa for her performance, we really need to mention Jon Cryer portrayal of Lex Luthor, this version is a sort of mix of previous versions of Lex. Now let’s talk about Andrea Brooks as Eve Teschmacher, she is truly killing this portrayal of Miss Teschmacher, the chemistry between her and Lex is really great to see.

The Bad

1. The Time jumping to different times within the time Lex went from the courtroom to prison to present day.. while it was necessary to the plot of the episode, i personally wasn’t a fan of all the time jumps, it made it a little hard to keep up with.


2. The lack of the real Supergirl/ Kara danvers, while we did still see some of Melissa as Kara, i would of liked to see a little bit more of her or other characters like Jon, Brainy or even the DEO.

3. While we saw a flashback of Lex in court, i was disappointed to see that Clark Kent or Superman was not present at the time of the sentencing of Lex. i really hope we get to see Lex vs Superman or even Clark this season or maybe next season.

Holy Shit Moment

There were a couple of moments where i said ‘holy shit’, the first being when we saw Lex hold the Daily Planet globe over the top of his head and drop it onto Supergirl. The next moment was in the courtroom when Lex said ”Superman made me do it” this was a line from Grant Morrison’s ”All-star Superman”.

Not Really a holy shit moment but in one scene Lex gives the Kasnian Supergirl some books to read to learn how to properly speak in English, one of these books may be familiar to anyone who has watched The Flash, The book she receives is The Runaway dinosaur, this was of course Barry Allen’s (The Flash) favorite childhood books.

The Verdict

This episode of Supergirl gave us another really strong, entertaining episode, which delivered dramatic scenes by Jon Cryer’s Lex and Melissa Benoist’s Kasnian Supergirl never seen in preview episodes of Supergirl, Jon Cryer has proven he can be serious and not just a comedy act and has given Supergirl the best big bad of any season thus far. In my opinion it was a perfect time to introduce Lex Luthor to the show.

Rating: 8.5/10

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