Supergirl “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Review

Secretly furloughed from prison due to failing health, Lex Luthor visits his sister to seek her help; Lena is suspicious of Lex’s motives, but when she’s faced with a life and death situation, she must decide how she truly feels about her brother.

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. Lex Luthor. Dare I say it but I was skeptical to begin with, seeing Jon Cryer only as Alan from Two and a Half Men, he stole the show. Supergirl continues to impress on this front, when I first started watching Supergirl I never thought we would get Superman, never mind Lex Luthor. The show started with Lex being transferred to Lena, and he was seriously unwell. We later learn he has cancer. Manipulating Lena into giving him the experimental drug she’s been working on.

His story, his demeanor, and overall darkness that is Lex was truly incredible and blew me away from the first moments we see him. His manipulations to Lena include some heartfelt moments, including their childhood. Anybody who knows Lex as a character will know he always has a plan. Watching him walk out of the mansion really did get me excited to see more of him.

2. Eve Teschmacher. This was a huge unexpected twist. I’m not a huge avid comic book reader of Supergirl, but Eve to me was just an innocent girl, similar to the way Kara is. So, for her to be working with Lex against Lena was crazy. Her loyalty to Lex was something I never saw coming, especially considering how close her, Kara and Lena have been in previous episodes. Eve pointed a gun at a tied up Lena, and was even willing to kill her for Lex.

The Bad

1. Manchester Black. David Ajala has completely stole the role of the character and has been beyond impressive this season, at points being the best thing about it. However, more importantly this episode and the last couple have disappointed me. It seems like the only the character is interested in is J’onn. Teasing the Manhunter to the point of turning his “peace” to “violence”. As of right now, he’s dead. We’re unsure if the actor has exited the show, but as of right now he’s dead. If this is the last we see from Manchester, I will be disappointed.


2. Martian Manhunter. I feel like this is dragging on for a while now. His mopey attitude is getting slightly tedious. From seeing the way he was at the beginning, knowing he has to sometimes break his faith to do the right thing was fun to see. As of right now, and this season entirely he’s became more of a bore. I hate to say it, as MMH is one of my favourite characters ever. After seemingly killing Manchester, I hope we get to see J’onn as the J’onn we all know and love.

3. Alex and Kara’s relationship. Initially, when Alex’s mind was wiped I was emotionally broken. I’m not going to lie, I genuinely was. Seeing Kara go off to try and help J’onn, but giving a false excuse as to why she was leaving Guardian injured on the verge of death, annoyed me. Seeing the tension is dragging on also, same as Manchester. I hope this is something that ends soon, and ends in a big way, because it’s frustrating to see right now.

The Verdict

A solid episode. Enjoyable for the most parts, except the scenes that have dragged on for a while now. Jon was an incredible introduction for the Lex character, and that has been the most exciting part of this season. Beyond the tedious parts, where’s the Kara doppelganger we’ve been teased with? Let me know down in the comments because it seems like that’s just vanished. The season started off slow with the political sides of things, but Lex shakes things up. I am excited to see what comes next for the rest of the season. Braniac is, well, what a guy!

Rating: 8/10

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