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Supergirl was on yet another turbulent run, being incredible in parts, but for me personally most parts were disappointing. The general consensus of the season was a threeway between the “Supers”, Leviathon and Lex Luthor. The show didn’t really live up to much, and not in a bad way, or anything in malice towards Melissa, but her pregnancy hindered the show a lot.

It never made much sense going forward. Personally, I loved the show the first 3 seasons but feel like the last 2 have been a major disappointment. Looking back over the season, I really do feel like it never lived up to the hype, especially with Lex Luthor becoming a show regular. Of course, the show did end earlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it had an incredible finale given.

So overall, mostly poor but it had potential, especially for seasons going forward. Crisis, Lex, Brainiac’s ending, they’ve all gave the show a bunch of ingredients to make the show fantastic again. I truly believe they can do that, more so now the DEO is basically gone.

Best & Worst Characters

Best has to be given to Lex Luthor. He was brilliant. Jon Cryer does an excellent job in portraying the character live action. Even the way the CW writers wrote him in within the show. He was calculating, devious, and ten steps ahead at every single turn.

Worst goes to Brainiac, unfortunately. This was so sad to see this season. I understand the reasoning as to why he did what he did, but the fact it dragged on for long made it so much worse. In the end, he didn’t even listen to Lex. I really think his entire plot this season was a monumental waste of time.


A special honourable mention to Alex in the episode “Alex In Wonderland”. She absolutely nailed the role when she was given the Supergirl mantle in the Obsidian virtual reality. I truly believe she could hold the mantle for a lot longer if the writers wanted to go there.

Favourite Episode

The finale was absolutely the best episode by a long shot. It set up a lot, Brainiac went full Brainiac essentially, Lex was ruthless, and even Kara had a lot going for her. The reason I think it was the best episode is because it brought a lot of potential to the show going forward.

Episodes & Their Ratings

Episode 1: Event Horizon – 7.8/10
Episode 2: Stranger Beside Me – 8.3/10
Episode 3: Blurred Lines – 7.8/10
Episode 4: In Plain Sight – 8.1/10
Episode 5: Dangerous Liasions – 7/10
Episode 6: Confidence Woman – 9/10
Episode 7: Tremors – 9/10
Episode 8: The Wrath of Rama Khan – 4.7/10
Episode 9: Crisis On Infinite Earths, Part 1 – 10/10
Episode 10: The Bottle Episode – 8.5/10
Episode 11: Back From The Future – Part One – 9.2/10
Episode 12: Back From The Future – Part Two – 9/10
Episode 13: It’s A Super Life – 9.2/10
Episode 14: The Bodyguard – 8.9/10
Episode 15: Reality Bytes – 8.1/10
Episode 16: Alex In Wonderland – 8.8/10
Episode 17: Deus Lex Machina – 6.7/10
Episode 18: The Missing Link – 9.1/10
Episode 19: Immortal Kombat – 10/10

Average rating – 8.4/10

Our overall rating 7.5/10

As you can see, our overall rating for the season doesn’t match with the average. Whilst Supergirl did have some strong episodes that blew me away, ultimately, as a whole, it just didn’t live up to it. It just simply could have been better for me.

Does It Deserve Another Season?

No. Although the ending of the season did tease some potential great things, I feel like now the show has had its day, and it needs to finish. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot of love for the show, the cast, and characters. However, the storylines are just poor, and they have been for a couple of seasons now.

I know the show has already been greenlit for season 6, and I will watch every episode as I always continue to do, but I’m not excited for it. I do hope season 6 changes a lot. Move away from the DEO completely, get rid of the politics altogether, and focus on a great villain such as Brainiac, or someone that is worth it.


What are your thoughts on the season? Did you enjoy it? Did you dislike it? Either way, let me know down below what you thought of it. Please remember, all our reviews are of our own views and opinions. We ask you to respect us and others commenting.

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