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The Flash Vs. Quicksilver – Superfight #3

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*Please note. These rules are made up, sometimes in instances to give the other an advantage dependant on power. We are also aware there as thousands of scenarios and rules, however in what we have described below is the rundown we would like to give.*

The Flash

Normal speedforce powers.


Normal speed powers.


Sports Stadium, huge arena and outside the stadium. No civilians at the stadium because it’s nighttime.


– Magneto sent Quicksilver to kill The Flash.

-Both speedsters know each other is fast. They want to know who the fastest is.

-Fight is in superspeed.


-No time travel.

-No allies

-Quicksilver know’s about The Flash, The Flash is unaware.

Our Predictions

Phil – “The Flash simply takes this win for me purely because he is the living embodiment of the Speedforce, Barry is the lightning who struck him down to give him this speed. No matter how fast a villain is Barry Allen is always determined to save the day.

Daniel – “The Flash takes it for me. Purely because of speed. Although Quicksilver has an advantage of knowing more about Barry, he’s just that little bit quicker. Plus, even without allies, he can tap into the speed force giving him that edge.”

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