The Problem With Batwoman Season 2’s Rumours

We have heard many different rumours over the last couple of weeks since Ruby Rose shock exited the show after just one full season.

Whilst the reasoning behind the exit is still unknown, of course, speculation surrounds the media in regards to the character.

The first rumour we heard was that Kate would go through a traumatic experience which would result in the need for a face swap by Alice. In turn having the ability to recast Kate in line with what would be an interesting story, and probably the best route to go down, as it would keep most of the character and development on board.

This was pretty much debunked immediately, and instead of a Kate Kane recast the CW initially came out, we are now learning they may be looking at a completely new character.

The latest rumour is;


“Scarecrow is reportedly responsible for the murder of Ryan Wilder’s mother, which motivates her to want to become Batwoman after the death of Kate Kane.

See source.

Coming down to my opinion on this as always?

If this is the route they go down it’s tragic for the show. It’s a bad idea, and I can already see by fans responses that they feel the same as I do.

They’re essentially dropping Kate’s entire legacy for a “new character” that comes away from the comic lore. Which is pointless.

They should really stick to the face-swapping stuff they built up for an entire season. Or cast Barbara Gordon and give us Batgirl instead. Not a season 2 of Batwoman, just a new series with Batgirl and leave Batwoman alone.

With those rumours, killing off the character with no backstory as to why and creating an entire new cast is an awful move, and I’m happy to admit that.


I really hope they stick with Kate or stick with a legacy that we all know and love.

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