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The Star Wars Sequels Were Actually Good – Unpopular Opinions #10

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Okay, I’ve done the same type of article for the Prequel trilogy that you can see by just clicking here.

We all thought the Skywalker franchise was over after Revenge of the Sith released in 2005. However, after Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, they announced a new trilogy would come, that would follow the events after Return of the Jedi.

Three movies came from 2015. A Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Rise of Skywalker. All movies performed incredibly well at the Box Office, but the thoughts from most “fans” seem to differentiate.

Going from the first movie, people claimed it had far too many similarities to Episode 4. To an extent, I do agree, but it did breed a brand new Jedi and Sith Lord for us to love and hate.


I went to the cinema twice to watch the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it both times I did. It brought back the OG characters, had a good plot, and it gave us my all-time favourite thing to see in Star Wars; lightsabers.

It had a lot to shout about. A terrifying Snoke, albeit ruined during Episode 8. Kylo Ren was absolutely fantastic throughout all the trilogy as well.

Episode 8 was the weakest in the entire trilogy, that I will agree with. It may be perhaps the weakest Star Wars movie released, but besides all the negatives it still had a lot of positives to come from it.

It showed us some of the true power Luke Skywalker had. A lot of casual fans tend to forget just how powerful Luke was, and this justified the character in many different ways. Including Yoda’s brief return.

Most, not all, the characters they introduced into the Sequels fit in perfectly. Po was outstanding, and that was proven after how well he was received after Episode 7. Finn was great for the most part. Rey reminded us what a Jedi stands for, the main principles in protecting and destroying the Sith. As mentioned above, I loved Kylo. The mask, the suit, the saber, his attitude, the way he was – he wasn’t the typical Sith we’re used to seeing.

Unlike Vader, Kylo couldn’t hide his guilt. Vader could. Kylo often fell apart because of it, especially after the most edgy moment in the entire franchise when he kills his own father, Han. The Chewbacca scream after he puts his lightsaber through him will always stay with me because you felt it.

A lot of people always seem to compare each part of Star Wars to the originals, but they were so many years ago and I think it’s time to move on from them. I went into each movie open-minded, and each time I never came out disappointed.


I came out with pure hype after Episode 9. This movie is where I don’t understand the hate. Episode 9 was strong, and it ended strong. Again, people misunderstand specific characters, and just how powerful they are. Like they did with Luke, they did the same with Palpatine.

Do you really think after Vader threw him over the ledge that it was over? This is the most powerful Sith Lord ever. I always said before Episode 9, Rey’s connection was to Palpatine, and not some former Jedi.

We again, during Episode 9 get to see the true power of Palpatine. Controlling a fleet as big as that, whilst throwing lightning and taking down everything in its way – this is the power he possesses.

We finally got to see Kylo give into the guilt, and turn back at the very end. That entire scene with Rey, Ben (now) and Palpatine was edgy, and more importantly, intense.

I’ve saw the movie twice since the December release, and if anything, I enjoyed it, even more, the second time. My biggest disappointment with Episode 9 was the lack of the Knights of Ren. That’s mainly it. JJ came back and did an exceptional job with this.

All in all, these movies are canon. They won’t be going anywhere. I honestly believe with any Star Wars movie, going in with an open mind is the best way to do it if you’re still caught up on the Original trilogy.

The new Star Wars trilogies gave us a lot that we see in the books. Untapped potential from characters, the orange lightsaber in Episode 9, we finally got word Leia trained with Luke to become a Jedi, we know Luke did restore the Jedi Order in training new Jedi, albeit all destroyed by Kylo.

We got so much, especially stuff that we only thought was in the Legends side and not canon. Star Wars is a lot bigger than the Original trilogy if anything when you combine the books, legends, comics, games, and so much more – the Originals were just a grain of sand in comparison.

I would love to get your thoughts on the Sequels. Did you enjoy them? Did you hate them? Either way, let us know what you think down in the comments below.

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