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Top 3 Sith Movies I’d Like To See

With The Rise Of Skywalker releasing and seemingly being the end of the Saga and Kathleen Kennedy saying they don’t want to be locked into a trilogy system for future Star Wars movies.

While the Star Wars has always focused on the Skywalker legacy it would be a nice change of pace to get a movie from the Sith’s point of view. I want to see movies focused on the Sith.

03. Darth Plagueis the Wise

I’d love to see a story of adapted for Darth Plagueis where we see him set his sights on Palpatine and making him do his bidding and coming up with the plan of taking over the galaxy. I also want to see him try to manipulate the midichlorians to create life and keep the people he cared about from dying. I would also like to see Palpatine kill him to take over as the Sith master.

02. Darth Bane

I’d love to see a movie set in the Jedi-Sith war which was set a thousand years before the Clone Wars. Darth Bane was the only surviving Sith of the war and he recognized that with the Sith fighting among themselves that it left them weak enough for the Jedi to destroy. Bane wanted to change this so he created the rule of two. At any point in time there can only be a master and apprentice. I’d love to see this in live action form and the new Sith beginning a plot to destroy the Jedi in secret.

01. Darth Revan

This one doesn’t deserve a solo movie but for Revan I’d like to see him get a trilogy. Revan played important roles as both Jedi and Sith in many wars like the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War and the Great Galactic War. The first movie would start with Revan being a Jedi Padawan and becoming friends with Malak fighting in the Mandalorian War and ending up with the duo falling to the Darkside. The second movie would be him and Malak being Sith, leading attacks on the Jedi and would end with Revan nearly dying in a Jedi ambush but being healed by Bastila Shan and him going before the Jedi Council to face his punishment. The third installment would be him getting his mind wiped by the Jedi and being retrained as one of them. We would see him destroy the Sith empire he once built and would end with him being captured and imprisoned by a Sith lord.


While this is my personal top 3 Sith I would love to see get a movie or in Revan’s case a trilogy… There is many Sith Lords and Jedi alike I would love to see get a movie or a series for like a Vader movie, a Quinlan Vos series and a live action Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger.

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