Top 5 Arrowverse Finales

5. Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1 – Legendary

Vandal Savage was a sinister, and dark villain set from the very offset. The serious tone of the first season of Legends was welcomed, and I feel like this finale was one of the better episodes. My only, and only dislike of this was what followed after it. Overall, it did have a lot to shout home about. Especially seeing the OG Legends again after going through a couple of disappointing seasons after that.

4. Arrow: Season 2 – Unthinkable

Unthinkable was one of those finales that was just packed with action. Deathstroke has Starling City in ruins, and it’s up to the team to get the cure for the Mirakiru. It featured a brilliant end fight scene, and even had the League of Assassins assisting Oliver in administering the cure. Overall a solid episode, that had you on the edge of your seat throughout.

3. Arrow: Season 5 – Lian Yu

This one was brutal. Truly brutal. Adrian Chase brings everyone to Lian Yu and has the entire island covered in bombs. It goes as far as Oliver gaining help from Slade to try and take him down. Even the ultimatum that Adrian gives Oliver was incredibly sinister. You expect predictability but the island explodes anyway. Although what followed on from that was disappointing, this finale was chaotic, and definitely a finale that lives long in the memory.

2. Arrow: Season 1 – Sacrifice

The episode Oliver lost. He never won anything in the finale which makes this different. Yes he took down Merlyn, but his intentions were to kill him which he miserably failed at. The Glades were levelled, Tommy died, and Laurel turned against The Hood following this. For me, it was edgy, emotional, and the furthest thing from predictable. Tommy’s death was still felt in the final season it left that much of an impact.

1. The Flash: Season 1 – Fast Enough

Easily the best finale of the entire Arrowverse, by a long shot. This is the episode Barry understands everything with Wells, his mother, the betrayal, everything. This episode changed Barry from being the goofy, nerdy kid to the hero that he needed to be. The episode had every emotion possible, but more importantly you could feel the emotions Barry was facing throughout the entire episode. A perfect ending to any season, zero dislikes, just sheer perfection.

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