Top Five Wolverine Suits

Over the years Logan AKA Wolverine has had countless looks and many more suits in comics, animation, live-action, and games. Many people would have the typical same list, classic yellow and blue suit, etc.

However, my list isn’t like that. Mine even might be controversial to some fans of the character.

5. Days of Future Past (movie) suit.

Now while the comic adaptation of Wolverine was dressed completely different from what we got in the movie, The movie version of the suit made this list because it’s as close as we got to having Hugh Jackman in a Wolverine suit (Ignoring the X-Men leather suits).

4. Wolverine and the X-Men (animation).

For me, this barely made the list. I do love the suit, it was, for me an upgraded classic yellow and blue suit. In the animation the suit stood out so much and was just amazing to see it in action. The Yellow with the dark blue secondary colour was just beautiful.

3. X-Force Wolverine Suit

Now everything about this suit is just perfect. From the dark colors to the red eyes, it’s definitely one of the best Wolverine suits we’ve ever got in any form of a story.


2. Age of Apocalypse Weapon X design

This whole design was just beastly. From the one-handed look to the dark blue suit with red paint and a huge head of hair is truly one of my favorite looks for Wolverine or Weapon X. I couldn’t even imagine getting this in live-action form. I wish we could though.

1. X-Men Evolution Wolverine Suit

Now my all-time favorite Wolverine look. I think it’s mostly what I grew up watching was X-Men Evolution and the Classic X-Men cartoons. I always preferred the Orange look to Wolverine. It’s definitely a childhood highlight seeing this suit for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of suits I could have chosen from, but when I truly think about it, this is my list of the best looking Wolverine suits over the years of me being a fan of this character.

I also hope when we finally see Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he comes with a suit just like anyone of these I’ve mentioned above.

It’s long overdue.

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