Why A Thanos Standalone Prequel Movie Would Be Great

Thanos, the villain who won. To an extent. Now possibly one of the biggest villains that almost everybody knows. We only really see Thanos in full-blown form in 2018’s Infinity War.

In Infinity War, he already has a stone, a fully-fledged army, the Black Order, and is ready to take each stone to finally finish his mission.

However, of course, I know, and some hardcore fans know of Thanos quite in detail. For the casuals, where did Thanos come from? Where did he grow up? What happened really on Titan? How did the Black Order come together?

The movie could easily explore most of that. The Black Order never gave us much during both of the movies, so it would be amazing to see them primed, whilst also learning more about each one of them. Especially Ebony Maw.

There are so many questions surrounding Thanos. It was a very similar situation to Darth Vader in Star Wars. Now we know his full story. Wouldn’t it be great if we got to see Thanos before the stones? Before the first Avengers movie?


I’m not a big fan of prequel movies because I simply know in the end how it’s going to play out. However, Black Widow is receiving a prequel, and a Thanos prequel is one that I think would be more interesting than most of the MCU.

A lot of casuals think Thanos isn’t much without the stones, but it’s a completely different story. You have to remember, this man conquered planets without any of the infinity stones.

For me, I’d love to see Titan in full form. Thanos growing up, and how the planet came to an eventual end. Going forward, we would get to see how he formed his army, how each member of the Black Order came to be.

Of course, the movie would lead up to the eventual Avengers: Assemble, or Infinity War. I feel the movie would be filled with great scenes, more so gaining a better understanding of who Thanos actually is.

A lot of people I speak to actually understand the plan Thanos has in Infinity War, and actually get it. It’s not often fans somewhat agree with the villain, and in some ways, feel sorry for him.

The movie could easily play on that. Of course, he’s a madman, but his intentions, in the end, are good. Even after all the bad that he does. He just wants to save everyone from starvation, corruption, poverty, and make every civilisation thrive again.

Granted, he slaughters planets, people, kidnaps people, but in the end, his goals isn’t about rich, poor, or anything like that, he just wants to rid 50% of every living being to create a new balance from overpopulation.


If Disney and Marvel are to go down another prequel after Black Widow, I truly believe this is one of them that they should really look into.

Endgame is now the highest-grossing movie of all time, so Thanos is a household name. Joker sold over $1b in 2019, so I do believe a standalone movie here could work.

What do you think? Let me know down in the comments below if you’d like to see a Thanos standalone movie.

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