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Why Spider-Man’s DLC Was Disappointing

It’s 7th September 2018. Insomniac’s Spider-Man is released, the hype has been real – you eventually sit down, and you play one of the greatest superhero games ever, and what an experience it was.

Platinum trophy galore from thousands of players, why? It’s simple. Many didn’t want that incredible experience to end.

So fast forward a few weeks, Insomniac announces the first DLC pack. The Heist. I was excited. My friends were excited. My dog was excited.

What a monumental letdown.

DLC 2, and 3 came after, again, let downs. I gave up after the second.


The DLC packs felt like they should have been in the base game, and offered absolutely nothing remotely different with lacklustre characters involved. It was so poor.

When the DLC was first announced, I was expecting the symbiotes, Goblin, Sandman, anybody remotely interesting. It never came.

The DLC packs only included the same policing missions, find this, find that, and do missions with no emotional attachment whatsoever. Truth be told I can barely even remember the two DLC packs – but I remember the main story because it was emotional, it connected a lot, and it was so damn good!

How did Insomniac get it so wrong? I don’t know. I’m hoping they didn’t want to spoil a lot of the Spider-Verse, as Sony essentially bought Insomniac due to the success of the game – with a sequel all but officially announced.

This bodes well, but I just feel like the DLC could have offered a great deal more. Even the suits – they were all absolutely stunning, and each suit was welcomed in its own right. Where did the abilities go? No new suit offered this, and I feel like that took a lot away from the new suits uniqueness.

The suit from Far From Home, the black and red one could have had an ability which included a beefed-up spider drone. The Toby suit could have increased counters, there’s just more than could have been done here.

I’m not taking anything from the game as a whole, especially the base game – because it was incredible. I spent hours upon hours just swinging through the city, basking in the insanely good graphics, and enjoying playing as Spider-Man.


I just wish they put as much effort into the DLC as they did the base game.

It was a solid 10/10 from me, zero complaints up until the DLC was launched. I just wish it had been better.

More importantly, what are your thoughts on the DLC? Did you play them and enjoy them? If so, what made you enjoy them. Same goes if you disliked them, why?

Let us know down in the comments below.

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