Why The “Old Man Logan” Story Would Be The Perfect Introduction To Mutants In The MCU.

With the introduction to the mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemingly coming up in the next few years. Many fans have wondered and even put out many theories as to how they’ve been introduced.

Many fans have wondered if Scarlet witch and Quicksilver are mutants or just simply “enhanced”. What makes things interesting is that Magneto is the father of both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver so will this be addressed?

Now, personally, I have thought about how the perfect introduction to these characters would be and I truly think doing the original Old Man Logan story would be the best way to introduce mutants.

Have Hugh Jackman return for the beginning of the movie, have it be set in an alternate future timeline, every hero is dead, Red Skull is ruling the world and have Old Man Logan wandering the wasteland.

Something will happen in this future which will need Logan to travel back in time to present-day MCU and he’ll end up at the X-Mansion where we see younger versions of the mutants we love, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and a young Wolverine with a new casting.


This would give us another goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s version of Logan who is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which Hugh Jackman has said he wanted to be part of but in turn with him leaving it would introduce us to the younger MCU version of Logan who’s more of a loner, angrier version of Logan and who knows maybe we’ll see a Wolverine super suit.

Have the rest of the mutants not teenagers but young adults so they can give us many movies going forward. The X-Mansion can also be a school that would be an option as to why we haven’t seen or had a mention of any mutants in previous MCU movies.

This would be a great introduction to the mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would make logical sense in terms of not seeing, or hearing about mutants in older MCU movies or series.

Not only would this be a perfect introduction, many fans of the comics and even people who don’t read the comics but know about the story of Old Man Logan absolutely love this story and seeing the world in ruins, ruled by Red Skull with the Hulk gang, many many heroes dead would be so incredibly well done in live-action form.

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