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X-Men Dark Phoenix Wasn’t That Bad – Unpopular Opinions #9

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First things first, I love the X-men franchise from the amazing moments to the downright dumb idea’s that happen. However, why does Dark Phoenix get so much hate?

Yes, The story is mediocre at best and could be a whole lot better but from what it lacks in story it makes up for in action, characters, and scenery.

Seeing how Magneto just wanted to live in peace and harmony with other mutants but trouble always finds it’s way to him was so interesting. He literally started this whole place for mutants to be safe and not have to hide.

After the events of Jean and Mystique, we get to see how Hank felt like Xavier forced Jean to become this because of the decisions he made. There relationship after the death of Mystique and just how much she meant to be both characters.


The Phoenix Force was so good and visually stunning. It was so much better than the previous version of it in The Last Stand. It was beautifully done. Jessica Chastain portrayed her character Vuk so well and she was menacing from the start of the movie to the finish. Such a great villain.

My favorite scene of the whole movie was the end fight sequence on the train. That scene alone had so many cool and awesome moments like Magneto shredding through aliens to Cyclops carrying Xavier while fending off more Aliens. Storm and Hank fighting them on the roof of the train.

Not to mention we got our first badass Nightcrawler scene in 2 movies!! We literally saw hints of the angry Nightcrawler was X-Men 2.

The movie scenery was so stunning and is very underrated in my opinion.

So yeah, from what the story lacks it more than makes up for in action and character development. The X-Men cast is most likely my favorite X-Men cast, hands down. Yes, the movie had it’s probably like the story rushing or the pacing of it being incredibly fast but I don’t think it deserves all the hate it gets. It’s a fun little movie.

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